WTS 38m PVP character unallocated 14m

you transfer the wrong char to me i think.

Character Name: Parallel Industry

Will be completed after: 10/4/2020 6:51:10 PM

plz redo the transfer and send the right one. and ticket this one to ccp
gona give you and hour to react to this.
If no reaction is made i will send tickets my self to ccp to get this right and withdraw my bid.

let me see

I’m sorry, I may have really transferred the wrong character,I’ll contact customer service right away。

thank you

It doesn’t matter. It’s my fault

no worries. make it right and i am happy. gona be away now for 3 h. i check back and see then if all is fixed :slight_smile: just update here if you get anything

Sorry.I’ve already sent an email to CCP, but I’m not sure when they will help me change it back. Can you wait a moment?

i am back.

lm waiting

nice i also made one to boost the speed :slight_smile:

Any answer yet from ccp?

No,l haven’t received it yet.

Jason cn should have been transferred to your account, please check.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

Yes confirmed thank you. no worries. it got right at the end :slight_smile:

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