WTS 38m SP Phoenix ,orca, exhumer, porpoise pilot

no implants
no kill rights
npc corp
postive isk wallet
positive security status

22 B offer. ISK ready

sold eve mail who to send the character too once the isk has been sent. do you have a location preference for character to be docked in?

Jita is preferable but any location is okay.
I will send ISK and account info now.

i can auto pilot it there before transfer if you wish? its set to death clone amarr space

Death clone to amarr space is okay.
ISK and account details sent

roger that working on death clone and account transfer now

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apologies it was gal space death clone. character transfer started thanks again for purchasing. fly safe

No problem and thanks

Image removed by ISD Traindriver.

Never post sensible Accountdata in a public Forum!

Confirming that the character is on its way to my account.


Strange. I have posted screenshots like this before but you never deleted them. There’s only public info available in that screenshot. Not clear in what’s sensitive in that.

But if you say that’s sensitive info, then I won’t post it again. Just making sure.

When we see such screenshots that contain account names, we have actually always deleted them.

However, it is not always possible for us to really check every post that comes in - so it is possible that a case has “slipped through” …

Alright. I would bring to your attention that those screenshots or at least mine doesn’t contain account name. It contains character name and character arrival date.

Anyways, thanks for keeping the forums clean and safe.