WTS 39.1M Perfect Miner/Scanning/Hacking

(Rabicuss) #1


39.1 MIL SP (will be 40MIL in 6 hours)
Location - Amarr
Sec Status - 0.01 (positive)
2 remaps!
No kill history and no kill rights.

  • Can mine every ore in the game with T2 lasers for max yield, also perfect gas mining skills.
  • Perfect Shield Tanking skills (sub capital).
  • Perfect Scanning/Hacking skills.
  • Exhumers V.
  • Cov Ops V.

Includes - Full set of +5 implants for extra fast skill training!
- +5% Mining yield implant and -5% Gas Harvester cycle implant!
-+3% CPU output implant.
- 10 Mil ISK.

Starting bid is 37b.

(Red Lola) #2


(Rabicuss) #3

I appreciate the offer but I’m going to leave it open for the time being as I’m looking for more value.

(Rabicuss) #4


(Rabicuss) #5

Bump :heart_eyes: