WTS 39.8M Focused Amarr/Gallente subcap (+JDC5) 785k free

785k unallocated (don’t know when ESI wakes up, not yet shows on the tools4eve)
Was going for black ops and carrier.
Scary Firefly Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
NPC corp
Awesome Armor/Drones/Gunnery skills.
AF and HAC 5
Confessor/Hecate 5

small and medium Laser/Hybrid T2 weapons
All T2 drones
Character has positive wallet, located in high sec, and has no killrights.
All CCP rules apply

starting from 35b.

84k available evermarks, btw

Topic reopened.

33b b/o

bumping, added 785k free unallocated skill points. Will sell at least for 35B.

35bil. b/o

noted. WIll wait for two days and if noone other is willing to, you’ll be new owner.

I’ll make it easier for you, my offer is only valid for 36 hours.

I’m not patient. Made it 36 incase we are in very different timezones.

okie-dokie, I will let you know in ~24h.
if anyone else willing this character, you have 24h to decide on :slight_smile:

I accept your offer, please send isk and account name to me so I can start the transfer.

Cool, it won’t be for about 8 hours, I’m at work all night because things are broken.

Isk and details sent, thanks for waiting.

Transfer started, good luck with it :slight_smile: