WTS 39M GTT character

Positive Wallet(lost about 10M isk in the wallet)
Positive Security Status
No Kill rights
No Bounty
All clones and character now in Airaken NCP station (C high safe area, +0.5 safe)
CCP rules apply


I will pay transfer fee
price starts at 42B

42B office.

please send the isk to my character. Then I transfer the character into your account. please tell me your account

ISK send to your account.

got it. I will transfer to your account .please tell me your account to my evemail.

Send an evemail, do not post it here

sorry this my frist time to transfer character.

I sended your email in game.

It will take 10 hrs after they complete the transaction before you get the character

Thank you for your information

got it. character start transfer

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