WTS 39m Perfect Pilot with Clean corp history/Excellent foundation skills/Interested name/Apostle pilot

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive wallet
1 Improved training sets in Jita
No kill rights
0.0 security
32b B/O

Very interested name for one Chinese corp

Clean Corp history so ready for a fresh start into new eden

No Wasted SP

Basically a perfect toon with Excellent skills in Shields/Armor/Navigation/Engineering/

Apostle fax and Obelisk pilot

2.65M sp unallocated skill points

18 bill offer

20B offer


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22 Bil

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23 Bil

23.5 b isk

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25 bil

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25.5 bil

How is this an apostle pilot when you don’t even have logistics trained? You don’t even have targetting skills. You are missing so many skills you should change your post to “Apostle trainer.”

Thanks for your tips, so sorry

It’s my fault, so I decided to adjust the B/O to 30b

bump :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


26 bil

Thanks for the offer, the total SP is 40m now.
He is yours If there is no higher offer in two weeks.