[WTS] 3x T2 BPO's

I have 3x T2 BPO’s for sale

Location high sec for them all.


1x Scordite mining crystal T2 BPO- 30 Billion

1x Miner II BPO - 30 Billion - SOLD

1x Miner II BPO 30 Billion - SOLD

Please reply here or mail me for any further information or Offers.

Contracts only made by me, scammers just dont bother.

scammers just dont bother.

well said Serenity Fireslayer

My 2 Cents



thanks for the offer but I cannot let it go for that

I added 2 BPO’s to the list.

daily dump bump

Since you seem to prefer trade windows I’ll take it all in a trade window for 140m

Morning bumperooni

2x miner II bpc and a scordite mining crystal bpc are not worth 140m :joy:

daily bumper

Both MINER II BPO’s sold, scordite crystal II bpo reduced from 35b to 30b

Last T2 BPO for sale.

bippity boppity bumpity

still for sale


thanks for the offer but i want slightly more

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