WTS [T2 BPO] Scordite Mining Crystal II

(Astros Jailmonian) #1

Selling a 10/20 Scordite Mining Crystal II BPO located at Jita 4-4

Will sell it for 50b on the spot but will consider other offers.

Send me a mail in-game or post here.

(Zahara Cody) #2

Or buy the one already on contracts for 30 bil… lmao

(Astros Jailmonian) #3

Be my guest, it’s a damn good deal lol.

(Astros Jailmonian) #4


(Astros Jailmonian) #5

Still looking

(Edwin Rothbard) #6

Do we bid in this thread or the other one? :slight_smile:

(Zahara Cody) #7

Probably rub two brain cells together and bid in the newest one.

(system) #8

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