WTA - Scordite Mining Crystal II [T2 BPO] (10/20)

(Astros Jailmonian) #1

Starting bid is 20b

Buyout price is 40b

Reserve: Hidden

Located in Jita 4-4 and will do sale via contracts only.

(Edwin Rothbard) #2

Can’t we start the bidding at 15b? If so 15b!

Nice print btw. :slight_smile:

(Dart Lady) #3

20 bil

(Astros Jailmonian) #4

Thanks for the bids so far – Reserve still not met.


(Astros Jailmonian) #5

Bumping again

(Astros Jailmonian) #6


(Astros Jailmonian) #7

Bumpy bump

(Astros Jailmonian) #8


(Astros Jailmonian) #9


(system) #10

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