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The winner of this auction will go to the highest bidder. Highest bid with time limit to counter will be posted to this thread:

What is it?

Omber Mining Crystal II Blueprint Original ME 10 PE 18

Starting Bid: 13.5 Bil

(Warzon3) #2

Starting you at 13.5 bil

(Nasx) #3

Although this Forum is fairly new, this item has been posted for over 30 days out of game and more in game. Due to lack of bidding I am selling this directly to Warzon3.

That is if he would still like it. :slight_smile:

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Warzon3 bailed out of the buy so I am reposting it at 9 Bil. The markets is actually pretty decent right now so if your interested hit me up in game. Ill check back to forums periodically.

OMBER TECH II BPO Selling for 9 BIL Isk.

Will contract first buyer whos interested…

Later and safe flying… Nasx

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Thanks Alll

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