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The winner of this auction will go to the highest bidder. Highest bid with time limit to counter will be posted to this thread:

What is it?

Omber Mining Crystal II Blueprint Original ME 10 PE 18

Starting Bid: 13.5 Bil

Starting you at 13.5 bil

Although this Forum is fairly new, this item has been posted for over 30 days out of game and more in game. Due to lack of bidding I am selling this directly to Warzon3.

That is if he would still like it. :slight_smile:

Warzon3 bailed out of the buy so I am reposting it at 9 Bil. The markets is actually pretty decent right now so if your interested hit me up in game. Ill check back to forums periodically.

OMBER TECH II BPO Selling for 9 BIL Isk.

Will contract first buyer whos interested…

Later and safe flying… Nasx


Thanks Alll

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