WTS: 4.4m SP Gallente Starter Toon

(Phaebi) #1

Looking for a new home:

  • My Skills (PW: 666)

  • Char is in high sec: Jita 4-4

  • Positive wallet

  • Clean corp history

  • Nice name

2 Re-maps

Transfer will be paid by me.

Start bid: 3.5b
B/O: Make me a nice offer

(Biz Wiz) #2

I’ll start you at 3.5b.

The EveSkillboard is password protected, please remove it or post the password here.

(Phaebi) #3

Thanks for the point out.

(ImRegretNothing) #4

4.5b b/o

(Phaebi) #5

B/O Accepted.

Send isk and details over please.

(ImRegretNothing) #6

isk and info sent

(Phaebi) #7

ISK is received.

Petition is created for transfer

(system) #8

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