WTS 5mill sp 3.8bill b/o gallente


Born 2012 so a bit of age

5mill sp of which 85k unallocated

More gallente focused
Drones and light drones lvl 5
Gunnery supports mostly lvl 4 with small hybrid lvl 5
Few other lvl 5 kills
Gallente and caldari frig lvl 4
Great little starter

Positive wallet
In high sec
1 yearly and 2 bonus remap
DOES have a little corp history
No kill rights
All rules apply
3.8bill b/o



3.8 bil buyout

Hi currently at work I’ll be back around 9 hours after this reply if you are still interested then.

sent account info and isk in game

Ok when I’m back from work I will start the transfer as cant log in to remove isk to alt until then. Will do it by card when I start it which will be around 7 hours from now.

Have isk and account info and have started the transfer by CC it should be with you in 10 hours from now. Thank you.

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