WTS 4.8m SP Beginner Porpoise Pilot

4.761.462m Skillpoints + 119.449 unallocated
npc corp
no kill rights
positive wallet
2 remaps available
location: Jita
has PI skills up to level IV
can fly porpoise and orca

open to all offers

4B offer

4.1 bill

4,2 offer

4.3B offer

4,4B b/o

4.5 bill

4,6b offer

5b offer

Hello everyone,
Thank you for the interest in this character, I propose that we end the auction in approx. 15.5 hours (right at the eve downtime) and then I will sell the character to the highest bidder.

5,1 b offer

Please send isk and account info, I will start the character transfer asap

isk and account info sent

Transfer started

Will be completed after 6/17/2024 9:53:21 PM

ty can close