WTS 4 rorq pilot 55M+30M+33M+37M

33B,you can check skillboard

Sold, I am buying it, just need to sell my ship, unless if you want to buy it? Its Hel fully fitted, its worth is around 37b, but if you can wait a little, a day or two. Sell ur rorq pilot to me

OK,wait for you

ok, can we talk in-game or discord?

send mail in game pls

I have skill extracted my main and injected into rorq, sorry it was 13b cheaper for me to do so. A friend gave me this idea, but originally I didn’t plan to do it. Sorry man. 33b for 50mil sp char is a good deal, but I wanted to use it not to resell or whatever

25B - Mikassa Braces

acept,send mail and isk to me

still for sale

isk sent, in-game mail sent as well

character transfer start

can confirm.

still for sale

daily bump

daily bump

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