WTS 40 mil SP Focused Hel / Wyvern Pilot

Selling Minmatary/Caldari Carrier pilot.

Fighters V
Light Fighters V
Fighter Hangar Management V
Heavy Fighters V

Jumpskills MAXED
Shields MAXED

Eveskill: EveSkillboard - green market

No killrights, Positive Wallet, Positive sec status.
Jump clones located in HS:
Jita: HG Ascendancys (All except OMEGA)
Jita: +5 learning set (and some extra)
Nonni: +5 learning set (and some extra) - let him learn while docked up in your shiney keepstar :wink:

Charming design for serious operators who work with serious machinery.

Bid starts from: 35b
Buyout Price: Update! : 42B



Noted. Thank you very much for your bid.

At what time the sale be over

Hi MOMOKK! Thanks for asking I forgot to mention. I plan to close it 25th of April 11:00 ET.

Buyout Price Update 42 B