WTB carrier specialist Gallente/Minmatar

Looking to buy a carrier specialist that can fly Gallente or Minmatar carriers (would also consider amarr). ISK will depend on character, but not looking for perfect skills or supercarrier abilities at this moment. Hit me up with your offers.

Can talk about price

Looks pretty good, 32b?

yep, 32b is ok

So they come with the amulet set, anything else?

amulet + few fancy skins for hel\nyx and ~2.5b of assets safety around world
yeah, 2 remaps ready too

Lastly, where is your amulet clone located and can you confirm positive wallet and no kill rights? If all that checks out I can send the isk and start the transfer process.

char sits in Perimeter, all imps installed, positived wallet and +4 sec. status.
and no kill rights

I just got an offer from a corpmate for less than extraction value for one of his carrier pilots. So unless you’re willing to drop a few billion off, I’m going to pass, sorry.

30b last price

I’m going to pass, thank

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