WTB Gallente/Amarr Carrier Pilot

Hi Guys!

Looking for a Carrier pilot without to high of a skill level. 10-20 Mil Skillpoints would be nice!


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I have a Caldari carrier pilot

Mh, what would be the specs of it?

Nvm, sold it to someone

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I still need a Gallente carrier toon :slight_smile:

I can inject the gallente carrier skills if you willing to pay 22 bil for the assets and skins an all

It’s only for a holding toon, this a bit to pricy :slight_smile:

ok If I extract everything but the stuff required to fly a thanatos/nyx and sell you assets/skins will you pay 13 bil?

I don’t think it is allowed to trade assets here, I can pay 10b for a plain sitter, no need for assets, you can sell them seperately I think

Let me know what your plans are regarding extracting/re-injecting

Assets should not be included in the character sale. If you choose to make a deal on the side so be it.

@Chamile_Odunen is this the same carrier pilot you have being sold in like 4 different threads to different people …

Yeah and none of them have accepted it, is it not allowed to start a WTS thread and go on WTB threads?

It is fine. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t taking multiple peoples isk.

Also it’d be good to show an updated skillboard post extraction

I haven’t extracted yet dunno what to do I’m just trying to sell

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