WTS 40k SP Rattlesnake/Chimera Pilot 14 hours to Golem [SOLD]


0 wallet

no imps

no Kill rights

standings in link

SS 5.1

no bad history! Good reputatin!

no omega clone now, i will immediately pay for it, when i get realy offers!

30b start!

Eve Skill Board shows no fighter/light fighter skills… Not really a carrier pilot yet… Offer 20bil


Waiting for offers!

Not the best character, but you can sit on the car, you can focusing on marauder, good gila!
+10кк SP, and It will be a different price :slight_smile:
b/o 35

26b bid

27b b|o


28 bil

30b b/o

Vulgus Carovigra
I am ready to accept the offer 31.5b

30b is my max

31.5 bil

Maizie Fields
I will accept your offer.
I await your confirmation, transfer of ISK and receipt of account name to transfer the character to.
I need few minutes to upgrade to omega.

Contacting you in game now…

Edit: Thanks for the reply, ISK and account information has been sent.

Transfer has started!
Please, give information, when transfer finished.

Transfer has been confirmed by CCP. Thanks, Arsh!!

Have a nice warp, Maizie Fields

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