WTS - Rattlesnake Pilot / nearly 5m (starter SP Farm char) / born 2007

Hello dudes,

i am for sale.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Krischan_Mommsen - pw: trade

No Kill Rights,
No Bounties,
Positive Wallet,
3 Remaps available,
Is in NPC Corp already, not like eveskillboard shows it.


3,5 b

offer noted, i’m waiting until this evening and accept otherwise

3.6 b

3,6 b

u both bid the same, so Maarc goes first, waiting until tomorrow morning, otherwise Maarc gets the char

It’s my first time buying so can I send the ISK from this account and have you send the character to my second account?

You send me the ISK to this Account + Account details to this character and i will initiate the char transfer.

Accepting Maarcs offer. Send me the ISK and Account details and i will initiate.

https://i.imgur.com/7iHHBAv.png Funds transferred, account name send in Eve mail

Character transfer initiated. Have fun!

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