WTS begginer rattlesnake pilot 12.2m sp character

(Kentaro Harrada) #1


gallente BS 4

light med and heavy drone operation 5

remaped to memory perception for drone skills training as well as + 4 implants for memory and perception

1 remap

positive wallet balance, 5 kill rights, no jump clones, located in jita

(Kentaro Harrada) #2


(Red Lola) #3

6b BO here

(Kentaro Harrada) #4

no deal sorry

(Kentaro Harrada) #5

BUmpy :slight_smile:

(Red Lola) #6

how much are you asking?

(Kentaro Harrada) #7

Is 7bill too much to ask?

(Kentaro Harrada) #8


(Red Lola) #9

meet at 6.5?

(Kentaro Harrada) #10

deal :slight_smile: acct name and isk pls

(Red Lola) #11

need 6 hours to get home. will pay asap

(Kentaro Harrada) #12

over here in the east coast of the US its 1:00 PM which is about when i leave for work. I dono what time zone you are in but i get off work 12hr from now. will you also be home by then?

(Milena Kulaki) #13

7 bil

(Red Lola) #14

isk and info have been sent

(Kentaro Harrada) #15

Then again i could cancal this offer. Give back ur isk. Then accept the other offer

(Kentaro Harrada) #16

Did u wanna buy for that much. If so eve mail me acct info and password

(Kentaro Harrada) #17

forget it nvm

(Milena Kulaki) #18

Yes i want i will login right after dt

(Milena Kulaki) #19

Is already sold?

(Kentaro Harrada) #20

yes it is