WTS 40M Mission/Support Alt Circa '07

Character: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/dron_yenko

Selling alt that I’ve used for odd jobs back in the day - Caldari/Shields/Missiles, Amarr/Logistics and Research/Production:

Spaceship: 6.8M (Logistics 5, Cal/Am Cruiser 5, Cal BS 5)
Missiles: 6.7M
Shields: 3.3M
Armor: 1.5M

Engineering: 4.6M
Drones: 2.6M
Navigation: 2.5M

Production: 1.8M
Science: 4.8M


  • Inactive for almost a decade, no kill rights and/or grudges
  • Jump clone 4j from Jita with Standard + Zainou implants (~500M)
  • Remap available
  • Clean / positive sec
  • Great mission runner and support alt
  • Good starting point for further specialization
  • Ahem… train a few skills and gank your way down to -1.9

Dron Yenko 21B

22bill isk ready


25b offered

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