WTS 43M SP NYX/REV pilot

I am for sale
43m sp

  • Gal Carrier 5
  • Capital pulse lazer 5
    -T2 light and Heavy Fighters
  • Can Fly Rhea
    -Jump cal 5
  • all armor comps 5


Start Bid 32B
42B B/O

I can offer 24b

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and i can laugh at that

Hey, Does 29B ok?

its 6b below the start bid… so no.



daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

32 BN

Getting closer thanks, will keep the offer in mind

I am online (and will be for quite a while). Shoot me a conversation invite and we can chat

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Deal accepted ingame. Sending isk and account now.

confirmed, awaiting name and isk

Isk and account name sent

isk and account name received. transfer has begun :slight_smile:

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