WTS 45.3M SP JF, Indy character - Mining, Production etc


Jump Frieght with JDC5

Good mining and production skills.

Velsparis has 250k unallocated SP so can be straight into a Rorqual if that’s your thing.

Price: 37bil

All CCP rules apply

Hey, can you share the stats and let me know the asking price please?

35 bil?


Withdrawn, bought another char…

37 bil is the reserve, once this is reached this character will be sold within 24 hours.

Daily bump

36 bil

Daily bump

Daily bump

OK,37bil , please let me know when you are ready.

I’ll be able to start this in about an hour or so.

You can send isk and account name to transfer to velsparis and I’ll begin as soon as possible.

ISK and account have been sent

Received. Transfer has been started.


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