WTS 45M Skill Points character

The perfect missile pilot

29b Offer

Do people just not read the rules for selling a char?

Thank you but I will pass, looking for a bit more and already passed on higher bids

Please fix your first topic with the rules being followed

You tell me what I need to do

My first release

The problem with implants is that

Read the rules. You are not in an NPC corp, when you are supposed to be. You have no indication of where you are located, no indication of how much isk you have, no indication of kill rights. That’s stuff you are SUPPOSED to disclose

29,5 bil

31 and you have a deal

Close the post

Closing post at the request of OP - however, please remember to follow the Character Bazaar rules as stipuated by another member.

Fly safe or die hard trying o7

ISD Bahamut