WTS 46m - Perfect Scanner w/ Logi 5 and Tengu 5 - Simple name +


All CCP rules apply pilot has positive sec stat and wallet resides in hisec.

  • Perfect Scanning pilot (all level 5)
  • Great Missile and Shield skills
  • Lv 5 Tengu
  • Logistics 5

14 ship skins. https://i.imgur.com/lO6yuLB.png

b/o 40b

32 bil

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Offer considered.

33 bil

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Offer considered.
Bidding closed 24 hours from this post and will go to highest bidder.

Send ISK and Mail transfer instructions.
Will transfer asap.

will do it in 1 hour

Isk and account info sent, slot for transfer confirmed.

isk rec.
transfer started.

Got the email from CCP
Awaiting transfer completion

Character received, Thanks!

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