WTS 47,8m SP Amarr focused. Born 2005. 5,5m Unallocated SP

Im selling myself “Zinkonia” - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/zinkonia

  • 5.588.823 unallocated skill Points.

  • Born 2005-04-17

  • Remap available now

  • 3x Bonus remaps available

  • No killrights

  • Positive wallet

  • Located Jita 4-4

  • Positive sec status

  • In npc corp

  • Amarr navy lvl 4 mission agents

  • +3 implants

  • No jump clones atm

Excelent HAC and AF pilot focused on amarr, but with the huge skill point pool of 5,3m unallocated, u can train or complement with what u want.

All ccp rules etc

I will pay transfer with Plex.

Starting at 40b

Mail Sent ingame

36 B/O

36.5 bil

Daily bump

37 bil

37.5 B

38 bil

got offered 45b ingame

i’m sure it’s a fake bid… i think i smell shell bidding going on here. buyers, don’t fall for it. this seller is trying to pump up price by using alt and other means. my suggestion to the seller is to start a new sell thread and make it legit if wants to sell…

consider all my previous bids retracted!

Waiting for isk and account name, and ill be starting the transfer by card as agread.

no fake bidding, I bid 45b and transfer to be done by credit card, sending ISK and account name now

No need to be salty because you got outbid on a lowball offer mate

Isk and account recieved and transfer made, thanks for the transfer.

Confirm, recieved CCP email. Thanks for the smooth transfer

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