WTS 47mil SP SubCap

All CCP Rules Apply
Located in Jita, positive wallet, positive sec status, etc
(Is in NPC corp, site hasn’t updated yet)

47.5mil SP

Starting Bid: 28B
Auction ends in 1 week.
Buyout: 28B

daily bump

added buyout

Headsup: You need to confirm with char is selling aswell in this post and needs to be in NPC if not already done;

nice char if not the gunnery skills would be so bad. Missle Skills are great but then even caldari BS is only at 3. nav skills need some work too.

Thanks, but the starting bid is 29B :smiley:

meep meep…buy me

daily bump

dumpy bumpy

to the top

High-grade Talisman set… nice

don’t just say nice, take it home for a simple 29B right now :smiley: lol

bump bump

buyout dropped to 28B today

27 B/O Offer

I can 28B

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Sold to Xiaobaicai Send isk and account info to elstino.

ISK and mail have been sent

thank you, transfer started

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