WTS 49M SP pvp character


Combat Recon Ship\Command Ship\HIC\loki/tengu……

Unallocated Skillpoints: 970,608
Total Skillpoints: 49,078,405

Perfect Fleet Support skill
Information Command Specialist V
Shield Command Specialist V
Skirmish Command Specialist V

Other information can be viewed in the skill link

No kill rights
No Bounties
5.0 Security status
Member of an NPC Corporation
active clone: +5 Implant

start: 43B
B/O: 48B

bump bump

35 bil first and final offer

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43b offer

bump bump bump bump


24小时有效 最后一下出价44B

45B offer

46b …

46.5 B/0

47b last offer

ok accept 47b,It will take several hours to transfer,If you don’t mind, please send isk and mail with info

no problem, i’m going to prepare now

Ia it ok trade by plex?

But ccp doesn’t seem to support plex transactions,If you sell plex, I can buy it

We can talk in the game