WTS 4x Mining alts! SOLD

As the title says i am selling the following characters:

H0LeeFuk - Skillboard
WeTuLo - Skillboard
BangDingOw - Skillboard
Kaos Virpio - Skillboard

All four characters have positive wallet balance, no killrights, no jumpclones, all are in an NPC corp and all are located in Jita.

All characters have:
:white_check_mark: Mining V
:white_check_mark: Ice Harvesting V
:white_check_mark: Exhumers V
:white_check_mark: Mining Barge V
:white_check_mark: Drones V
:white_check_mark: Light Drone Operation V

I confirm i am for sale

I confirm i am for sale

I confirm i am for sale

I confirm i am for sale

how much for all of them?

16b for all 4?

4bill for Kaos. Offer good for 24 hours

If you can get a little bit closer to 20b im interested.

ill give you 19bil for all of them

BO Accepted. Feel free to send isk to the respective characters and i will start the transfer as soon as i get home from work (4-5 hours from now)

Will do im setting up the accounts now for transfer Ill send the isk to each char with a comment with the account name. In addition I will send an EVE mail to Astydameia for which char goes to which account.

ISK and Mail sent

Perfect. Pleasure doing business.

Transfers initiated, please confirm :slight_smile:

Confirmed got all 4 trabsfer emails thanks

Great! Pleasure doing business :slight_smile:

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