HI character Bazaar,

Im selling my mining alt with 5.3m SP.

Any notable skills:

  • Industry v
  • Exhumers v
  • Mining barge v
  • Mining v
  • Ice harvesting v
  • Mining upgrades v


X-Ray Heleneto

Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights or Jump clones.
2 Remaps avalible
Located in Jita moon 4 - Assembly plant
Character is in a NPC corp.

3b Bid
4b Buyout

auchtion will end 2 days after first bid.
Buyout is instant.

I’ll take it for 4bil buyout, isk ready now

Allright im gonna contact you ingame!

PLease convo knifeddario otsolen ingame

I just did.

But why…just confirm I win the sale, and I’ll send the ISK and account name…pretty simple process :smiley:

You win the sale!

ISk has been recieved and character is transferred!
Trade completed character sold.

confirmed, I received the transfer email

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