WTS 4x paladin/leshak pilots

Mutated Sentry Drone Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

@Vayra Here’s the skill sheet. If you’re interested, I’ll get him ready and make a separate post for him.

@Solaan how much for Spool Faster

How much to outbid top bid for 1 of the Marauder Pilots? Am confused

CC Plz ,i can offer 30B

I am offering 145b to 4 palading/leshak and link pilot.

Are you still wanting to sell these toons?

Yes, I apologize, I’ve been a bit busy IRL the past few days and haven’t been able to pay as much attention here as I’d like.

Is there any way you could raise your offer a bit? I was hoping to walk away with 200b when all was said and done.

if you throw in mutated sentry drone I could do 200b

155b last offer. for 4 maraduer + link pilot to be more clear

I accept. Give me a moment to prepare mutated sentry drone and I’ll post with him here.


Gonna be 24h before he can leave corp/be transfered.


I you would prefer to keep that one I would rather have the 7 regular toons for 190bill but up to you

The offer has been withdrawn.

I need to sell him honestly, if you don’t mind waiting a few more hours I’d rather include him in this deal.

30B offer for the 2 nestor pilots.

Confirming I’m for sale, in high-sec space with a positive wallet and in an NPC corp.

Everything is ready.

This is why you were supposed to drop from corps before posting they were for sale smh

If you read through the post, you’ll find that the character with the issue was not part of the original sale post and was added in later.

Number Tyrant Offer 32B