Selling 40m SP paladin/leshak pilot

C5 Paladin pilot and JDC 4 (Almost blops capable) Can fly Leshak with t2 guns, and has Precursor BS 4

40m SP PvP character

30b Bid

50b Buyout

72 hour duration.

Positive Wallet, Character is currently in a Wormhole. Will be moved to Jita 4-4 on purchase.



26b offer

Last offer before having to remake post was 35b.

I would fix your skillid link before ISD closes your post it doesnt work. Make sure you check it with an incognito window that isnt logged in.

Should be fixed. Please confirm

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@ISD_Traindriver I hope this fixes Nick_Kishunuba post. @moderators if something needs fixed please let me know.

I see the board works


Current bid is 34b from previous post. Had to transfer post to this character.
WTS 40m SP PvP Character - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

@Aryziva_Ozran is currently top bidder

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@Aryziva_Ozran 72 hour bid period is over, if your 34b bid is still valid. Please contact in game and we will move forward

35b if the character is still available

character is still available, feel free to message in game. high bidder has not messaged

im here, was just trying to convo in game, sorry for late response

isk sent

recieved, starting the transfer

ok u first

transfer sent

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