(Admiral Hawke) #1

I would like to sell my Paladin pilot.


Near max Paladin pilot with Marauder 5, near max gunnery skills related to the boat. Gunnery 5, and support skills 5. Pulse spec 4. Drones at 5,2m sp. Also has some implants for learning, I think +3’s and implants to help with boosting potential of the Paladin.

Check out the sheet here:


Throw me out some offers guys!

Thanks for any interest!

(Zotreg) #2

30 bil

(Perpetualed) #3

33 billion.

(Zotreg) #4

34 bil

(Admiral Hawke) #5

So far, 34b is highest bid. I will be back in about an hour. The amount currently bid is high enough for me to sell today. I will be selling shortly, assuming the offers above our valid. All future bids will be considered.

Again,at the time of this writing, Zotreg is leading with 34b.

(Bertstare) #6

34.5 isk ready and online now

(Zotreg) #7

35 bil

(Jason Doombringer) #8

36 bil b/o - offer good for 1 hour

(Admiral Hawke) #9

Alright, 5ish minute counter. Currently 36B is the highest bid. Countdown has began.

(Admiral Hawke) #10

You’ve won.

(Admiral Hawke) #11

Accepting the 36B offer from Jason Doombringer. Please send isk to General Trump, in-game. I will be replying with him in a few minutes.

(General Trump) #12

Confirming that I am to receive the isk of 36B

(Jason Doombringer) #13

Isk Sent

(General Trump) #14

confirming isk received. will be xfring asap.

(General Trump) #15

Character has been transferred. Thanks for everyone’s interest and good luck to the winner.

Character Name: Admiral Hawke

Will be completed after: 1/17/2018 7:34:03 AM

(Jason Doombringer) #16

Xfer email received

(system) #17

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