WTS 5.0M SP - Ishtar char

After carefully reading the forum trading rules, I wrote and posted this post. If there are any issues, ISD will let me know loudly :stuck_out_tongue:

Char ID: Polaris Reverser
Skill board: Character Sheet
The wallet balance is positive
Kill rights:

  • My Kill Rights: 1 (to Reitaga Piloris, 1d 23h remaining)
  • Kill Rights Against Me: 1 (from Maria Kado, 22d 5h, no price for now)
    Jump clones: None
    ** Character Docked in: Elanoda IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support (High-sec) **
    Training Queue is clear
    NPC corporation
    Home station: Kisogo VII - State War Academy
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You need to be posting as the character being sold. As that is proof of ownership. Polaris should have been the one to create the thread


What you said is reasonable, but is it necessary?
And I know this can be unsettling and even involve fraud, but ISD always ensures fairness and justice

Proof of ownership yes. 1 its clearly listed in the rules, and the bazaar is the one place where scamming isnt allowed. Attempting to pass off another character that you cant show proof of owning could be a sign of scamming and can lead to being banned.

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Okay, I’ll use that character to republish it :blush:

I have created a new post using the character I want to sell. Please move on:

And ISD has been working hard to help me close this post. For those who are interested, please comment on the new post and leave your price. Thank you o7

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