WTS 5.0M SP - Ishtar char

After carefully reading the forum trading rules, I wrote and posted this post. If there are any issues, ISD will let me know loudly :stuck_out_tongue:

Char ID: Polaris Reverser
Skill board: Character Sheet
The wallet balance is positive
Kill rights:

  • My Kill Rights: 1 (to Reitaga Piloris, 1d 23h remaining)
  • Kill Rights Against Me: 1 (from Maria Kado, 22d 5h, no price for now)
    Jump clones: None
    ** Character Docked in: Elanoda IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support (High-sec) **
    Training Queue is clear
    NPC corporation
    Home station: Kisogo VII - State War Academy

5b b/o

I offer 6 Bil for your character.

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Wish Kaan send ISK to [Ayae Suzuki], please :smiley:

will transffer isk and account name to Ayae Suzuki as requested when i get home from work in about 6 hours

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Isk sent.Account name sent by ingame mail to Ayae Suzuki

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Money should’ve gone to the pilot who is being sold

Transfer completed

Will be completed after 6/29/2023 1:47:24 AM

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