WTS 12m sp character

Wallet Balance: 250,000 ISK
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: no Jump clone

Character is currently in station in High sec. Kisogo

I will pay for transfer fee

This account is a perfect starter for gunner

4bil b/o

4.5b offer

4.6 bil

Thank you for your bid!

Thank you for your bid! Still open.

6B Offer

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Thank you for your bid! Still open.


Hey, how much are you interest in a buy out?
eve mail me if you want

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Still open. bump

8b b/o I will pay transfer fee

I responsed in game via eve mail with offer

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8Bn B/O

ready to spend the isk once, seller confirmed my offer

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Ok, ready on my side.

Thank you for accepting my offer, ISK Has been sent

Accont information has been sent via eve mail

Isk received; initiating transfer now.

Thank you, hope to get the pilot in 12 hours time

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