WTS 11M perfect gunner starter


SP: 11,074,907

Bidding starts at 10b. B/O when i get an offer I like.

Character has a very high security status, 4.6, and a positive wallet. Character is now in an NPC corp. (I believe there is a delay on skillboard) Character and both clones are located in a highsec NPC station.

This character is a focused basic drones and gunnery and engineering.

A perfect starter character.

I will pay the character transfer fee.

Please make offers here.

5 bil

daily bump

post needs to be made with or confirmed by character for sale.

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Yeah I am for sale

6 bil

7 bil


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B/O at 10 b
i will pay the transfer fee

daily bump here

7.5 bil <---- Withdrawn

Still waiting for better offers

daily bump

8B B/O

10B B/O and I will pay the transfer fee

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