WTS 11.7m SP Gallente Cruiser Drone Pilot + some PI

WTS me. Character has close to perfect drone skills; I used to use it for VNI ratting nullsec anoms back when that was the spiel.
Also has some PI skills.
See the rest for yourself:

Positive wallet, no killrights, jumpclone in Jita and character is located in highsec. No assets either. Clean and tidy.

b/o 6.5bil

4,0 B offer

4bil too low for me, I’d consider starting from 5.5, maybe 5.



4,5 b offer

4,5 I’ll consider, but I’m not rushing so lets see if someone goes higher. Bump.


Thanks, 5b is best offer yet, let’s see if someone bids higher and if not, I will consider yours.
Google Translate/谷歌翻译: 谢谢,5b 是最好的报价,让我们看看是否有人出价更高,如果没有,我会考虑你的。

5,5 b offer

If no higher offers in the next 6 hours (16:00 Eve time), I will take Finmon’s 5,5b offer.

Alright, ready to sell this character to Finmon for 5,5 bil, make the payment and let me know what account to transfer to afterwards.

okey, in progress

Payment received; transfer initiated and paid for.

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