WTS 5.1mil sp great starter pilot

This pilot has tons of skill books for all the things a new bro needs also good if you wanna start a SP farmer has cybernetics 5
other than a great starter he has all the necessary skill books to start a capital alt or if you’re just looking for a character to grow with in the game he has tons of skill-books!


5bil b/o

5b b/o

5.5 b\o

nvm slow reply

Retracted, found another char.

Sorry, Editing post I offered less than I wanted to.
5.6B. Isk ready.

I accept your offer of 5.6B send isk and character name and i will start the transfer

Isk & Details Sent.

account transfer started at 8:47pm est thanks enjoy!
Will be completed after: 6/8/2018 10:46:44 AM

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