WTS 5.4 mil sp Gallente Character VNI or Research Starter

This thread is for selling myself, Keen Aresi.


5.4 mil sp character - 2008 character - short history of corps

Skills of importance
Gallente Frigate 5
Small Hybrid Turret 5 - can use T2 blasters and railguns
Drones 5
Laboratory Operation 5

Can very quickly start flying a VNI - just needs a few drones kills trained - most are already at level 4.

Wallet Balance = positive
Kill Rights = no kill rights
Jump Clones = 2 x +3 implants in his head & a +2 implant also
Character Location = Jita
Security status = -1.7 (this will not be a problem as you can travel anywhere you wish).

3 billion

5.5 billion


Shows on EVE skillboard as currently in a corp. Actually is in NPC corp - it just has not updated.

I am out 3B

Thank you for your starting bid.

Daily BUMP! Keep the bids coming! :slight_smile:

Keep the bids coming! This character deserves more than 3 bil. Can’t let him go just for that!

Daily bump - no sale unless we get a fair price!

Time for some sweet bumpage!

Sent message in game

message sent ingame

Morning bumpity bump!

ok, i don’t have access to log in until later. I will check it. @Stephanie_Smithers @Star_Tours_Explorer

3.5 bil to get it going

I’ll do the b/o 5.5b. Accept here and i’ll Send isk and info

BO accepted

Please transfer money and send your account username for transfer by mail to Keen Aresi, the character you are purchasing.

No contact has been made. Do you still want to buy it?

BUMP - still available - as the buyout winner has not responded in a timely manner.

Evening all! Today’s BUMP! :slight_smile:


Offer 5 bill

@Roman_Killian Hi, sorry I did not reply sooner. I was out of town. If you can offer 5.25 bil then we have a deal. Still interested?