WTS 10 mil sp focused pvp/pve gallente char

Focused gallente pvp/pve char (gunnery /drones /engineering ect but check for yourself).
Some of the ships already on mastery lvl 4 and was working on some lvl 5´s
Almost none sp wasted (except for like caldari/minmatar frig on lvl 2)
yearly remap 1
bonus remap 2
neutral sec status
no negative standings
sits in high sec
positive wallet
starting bid 7b
b/o 10 b

7bil bid

Thank you for the offer but waiting for some more offers.

7.1 B isk

8.0 b ISK

8.2 B ISK!!

Thank you for the offers . Will wait for 2 or 3 more days max and will then sell it to the highest bidder or when the b/o is met of course earlier.

8.5 bil

Thank you for the offer. Bump

Last Bump

Sold to Hia Jez for 8.5 bil isk. Waiting for confirmation of sending the isk.

isks sent via alt ja—e–er also account info sent. Confirm receipt of isks and status of character transfer. Thank you

ISK recieved. Transfer in progress. Thank you for trading. Fly Safe o/

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