WTS 100mil SP PVE character

I am selling my PVE character


-Created in 2008
-located in Jita
-This character has good skills in piloting caldari and gallente ships
-High skills:
gunnery (hybrid)

-Mostly used to fly marauders ( Marauders V)
-Positive ISK balance

This character had very low standings with the Amarr empire due to mission running, although character is still able to enter amarr space without getting shot at by the local NPC’s

Eve skill board still shows a corporation somehow, character is in npc corporation as per CCP rules

Starting bid: 85 Bil
Buy out 95 Bil

75 bil

80 Bil, and its yours

78 bil will be my max offer… consider that a generous offer

You have a deal, please send me your account name, so i can initiate the transfer.

isk and account info sent. please start the transfer process. thanks!

have you started the transfer process? I have not received an e-mail that a pilot is being transfered to my account. please confirm!

FYI, i just got the transfer confirmation. thankks!

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