WTS 5.4 mill SP extracted Fleet booster (SP farm)

(Orion Starmaker) #1

Selling myself


Ex- fleet booster

5.4 mill SP

Cybernetics V

3 bonus remaps plus yearly remap available

All ccp rules yadda yadda

5.5b or B/O

(Orion Starmaker) #2

bump, lemme see your offers!

(Cat Erin) #3


(Orion Starmaker) #4

check in-game mail

char is still available with a snipe @5b if anyone is interested

(Cat Erin) #5

According to ingame conversation. Payment is done.

(Jessica Stoyadinovic) #6

is this still for sale?

(Orion Starmaker) #7

character is no longer for sale, it has already sold to Cat Erin and transfer process initiated at around 3pm CST

(system) #8

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