WTS 5.45m sp toon - Nice starter toon

(daniyyel) #1


capacitor management level 5
capacitor systems operation level 5
cpu management level 5
energy grid upgrades level 5
power grid management level 5
weapons upgrade level 5
Gunnery level 5
evasive maneuvering level 5
gallente frig level 5
spaceship command level 5
industry level 5

positive isk
npc station
follows all ccp guidelines


Stratios SOE Fire Cell
Astero Sanctuary
Fed Navy Police Comet
Quafe Tristan

3 Remaps

B/O 4B

(daniyyel) #2

bump for today

(daniyyel) #3

online now

(Takitani Genji) #4

2B OK??

(daniyyel) #5

NO thank you. 4B would be ok. keep in mind im paying for transfer fee too. 2B would be like giving it away for free.

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #7


(Highness Hakaari) #8


(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #9


(system) #10

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