4.99m SP Alpha

All CCP rules complied with
In starter system and corp

Hull upgrades and mechanics 5
Drones 5
Lots of engineering skills 5
Basic gunnery and ship command


4b B/O

2.5 b

Make it 3.2 and deal

@RandomCookie still want? 2.8b

I’ll buy for 3b


I will provisionally accept your offer however feel free to look for another character as I cant afford the transfer till thursday or friday, pesky children needing to eat and all that. If you are happy waiting or do not find another character then I will be in touch when I’m paid

I can wait.

@Anna_Themas still want?

Yep, you ready for transfer?

Yes m’aam @Anna_Themas

Isk sent. thank you!

Transfer initiated

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