5m SP Farmer/Basic Station Trader


(DR F33LGOOD) #1


3b or best offer.
I pay transfer fees. All CCP rules apply of course.

(DR F33LGOOD) #2

buy me.

(DR F33LGOOD) #3

Reduced price. One time only offer. Comes with free ibis.

(DR F33LGOOD) #4

This dude makes money.

(Crazy4U) #5


I’d like to offer 2.8 bil if he’s still available.

I could use a male to trade for me. :laughing: Role reversal.

Thank you!

(DR F33LGOOD) #6

I’m sorry but the account is in alpha so the character is no longer available. Good luck.

(Crazy4U) #7

Thx for your reply.

If he goes back to sale, drop me a note plz.

(alpha xero) #8

@DR_F33LGOOD you can actually transfer character in alpha clone state.

3 bill is my bid. if you are still interested in selling.

(system) #9

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