WTS 5.4M SP Capital Ship pilot - great name


Got a ton of shiny books injected, additionally has permanent Revelation Imperial Jubilee skin. Here is a screen shot. If there is a better way to verify, please suggest.

6b buy out, OBO after 48 hours

3b b/o

Great name, indeed, thanks for the laugh of the day!! Enjoy a free bump…

4b isk ready

4.5b offered

4.6b isk ready

5b ready

5.1b isk ready

Capital pilot?

Based on what? This can’t fly any capital.

5.5b ready

Ready, Misaka?

6 B B/O might take me a few to get the isk liquidized

ISK Ready waiting on you to be ready

ISK received

waiting for transfer


There should be no problems, but if there is, please contact Mitchell Acami. I’ll be logging off this character now for you.

Confirmed account have been received

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