WTS 5.4M SP Farm Toon

Me: PapaGator

Located in Jita
Negative sec status -1.60 but nothing to impact getting into HS
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
Improved +5 Implant for both Cyb and Mem
1 bonus remap remaining
Great kill board history

I pay the transfer fee - all ccp rules apply

Buyout - 5b

4.5 Bil Isk ready

4.8 ready

5bil buy out

accepted at 5b - send isk/acct info

sorry replied with wrong toon - accepted send isk/acct info

Mail and Isk sent.

Ticket submitted to start character transfer.

I haven’ received anything back other than the initial notification the ticket was created to move the character… just wanted to keep you in the loop here ccp must be out for the new year.

I will place a ticket also.

Character received. Thank you.

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