WTS 5.5m SP/PI farmer

located in highsec
no jumpclones
no killrights
zero wallet balance
focused PI and SP farming
includes +5 implants for charisma and intelligence
B/O 6b
Will be using plex to transfer

4B offer :smiley:

will offer 4,5b

To the top!

I’ll offer 5.25b

5.5 billion and i’ll do it

still looking for more offers

@sp_slave I’ll do the 5.5b but I’m currently moving so no pc till Saturday sometime. Let me know if you’re good with that…

yes that is fine, i will submit the transfer ticket as soon as you send over the isk and details

@sp_slave Isk and Account Details Sent In Game as per agreement above.

Ticket for transfer submitted

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