WTS 5.6m Orca/Bustard Pilot (SOLD)

(Magnus Orion) #1

Located Jita 4-4
No Killrights
Positive wallet,

Can use Orca with T2 links,
Can Fly Bustard
Can use cyno’s


Quit his corp should update soonish :slight_smile:

5B Start Buyout Best offer,

(The Ginger Sith) #2

ill offer 5 bill

(Magnus Orion) #3

ill take 5b i guess send isk and account info im on now :slight_smile:

(The Ginger Sith) #4

isk and eve mail with act info sent

(Magnus Orion) #5

Transfer Started VIA CCP

(The Ginger Sith) #6


also did CCP stop sending a confirmation email to the account email when a transfer is started? just curious its been a while.

(system) #7

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